San Diego Data Recovery

If you need data recovery services in San Diego, we can help you with that too. Our knowledgeable techs will do everything they can to get your information back, regardless of the condition of your computer. We take special care to use only the most gentle methods initially and then gradually advance to the more time consuming and involved techniques if we're not successful.

When a hard drive first starts showing signs of trouble, it's usually a good idea to stop using immediately and get it checked out. Often over time, the use of the hard drive will make things worse, especially if you are dealing with a hardware issue. For example, if the heads of the drive are making improper contact with the platter, you may find yourself losing a lot more data than you would have otherwise.

If software methods are unsuccessful, the ultimate repair step is to disassemble the drive and extract the internal magnetized platters. This is where your data is stored, and it can be accessed but only in a 99.99% sterile environment. In a clean room such as this, specialized readers may be able to recover files that other methods do not.

At San Diego Computer Repair, we specialize in all kinds of data recovery.