San Diego Internet and Networking

While PCs are amazing machines, capable of powerful calculations and applications, to truly harness the power of the computing age, one must be networked. Whether it is just in a home or small office, or a large company intraweb, groups of computers form the backbone of the most exciting advances in computing today. Getting online and connecting to the world wide web and internet is a huge part of that. As computer junkies ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be to lose your internet connection. You want it fixed, and you want it fixed now.

San Diego Computer Repair can get you back up and online in no time. We work with all of the local internet service providers, and we're happy to let you know if the problem is on their end or yours when you can't get online. We also specialize in connecting multiple computers to the internet in homes or offices across the county. Once you're online, we can even offer remote service through the internet to optimize your network.