San Diego LCD Monitor Repair

There are many things that can go wrong with LCD monitors. Besides the obvious physical damage of a cracked screen, common things we see include backlight and inverter board failures. Diagnosing this sort of problem can be challenging, but our professional techs make it easy. If you notice your screen seems dim, this is almost always a backlight or inverter problem. Most LCD monitors made for desktops have backlights separate from the screen that can be removed and replaced. For notebook or laptop computers, it is often necessary to replace the entire screen (since the backlight is built in).

Both types of monitor use a separate inverter board for converting electrical current. These do not fail at the same rate as backlights, which wear out over time. If the backlight is replaced and the screen still appears dim, it is a likely bet that there is a problem with the inverter board. If one is receiving no video output at all, it's often a good idea to test with an external monitor. This way one can be assured that the video card is working properly.

Regardless of the LCD monitor problem, San Diego Computer Repair can provide you with the solution.