San Diego RAM and Memory

There are many reasons to consider adding RAM or memory to your computer. Today's applications are more resource intensive than ever before, and they demand a great deal of memory in order to operate smoothly. As a corollary, computers today are also more powerful than ever before, and RAM is at a particularly low price point. It is common today to see computers with two, four, or even six gigabytes of memory. Often, unexplained crashes or slow behavior on computers can also be attributed to a problem with the memory. Sometimes the fix is as easy as swapping out a bad stick for a good one.

At San Diego Computer Repair we not only offer some of the cheapest RAM around, if you buy it from us we'll install it for you for free. This makes us not only the smartest choice, but also the most economical. If you already have your own memory and don't want to put it in yourself, then bring it by and we'll put it in for a nominal fee. We're also happy to teach you how to upgrade your own memory if you so desire. Whatever your memory and RAM needs are, we are here to help.